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Hello and welcome to my Palmistry Inspiration Cards web site! My name is Cindy Solano and I am a professional hand analyst and transformational soul coach. When I first started to learn to read hands, I picked up some books on the subject and found that many of them were confusing, hard to learn, and had conflicting information. How do you know what's correct and is there an easier way to learn this complicated material? After several years and several thousand hands studied later, I decided to create this special oracle card deck for you. It is based on the most common things you find in the hands and has a positive message on each card, because my goal is to not only make it easy to learn palmistry, but to inspire you as well. My system is easy, fun, enlightening and will provide you with answers to your everyday questions, just follow along with the pictures and guidebook. Learning and using palmistry does not have to be challenging anymore! Thank you for visiting.
What Are Oracle Cards?
Oracle cards are a divination tool designed to give you answers to everyday questions. For example, you can ask what is my love energy? How can I be successful? What do I need to work on to be more happy and fulfilled? What is the outcome of my upcoming trip? You can find answerst o these questions and any others you can think of by simply drawing a card from the deck. Plus, my deck brings in a tangible aspect that other decks don't have because you can also look at your own hands and learn about the markings as you use the cards.
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Using the science of palmistry, these 54 inspirational oracle cards
unlock the messages found in your hands to provide the intuitive
guidance that will answer your questions. The easy-to-follow
guidebook instructs you in each area of the hand along with
direction on activating the corresponding area. The inspired
messages will assist you in moving forward with clarity and
confidence. Featuring real hand prints and diagrams of the hands,
this deck will also increase your knowledge about the science of
palmistry and is suitable for beginners to experts. No other deck
provides this level of fun and learning so you can amaze your
friends with accurate readings.
Palmistry Inspiration Box
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